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The Handley 100th Celebration is organized by Alumni volunteers and the following community partners and organizations.


Wilbur Odell Riley '24 | Handley 100th Notable
Wilbur Odell Riley ’24
Wilbur “Web” Riley was the first class president at John Handley High School. He was a member of the Cadet […]
Ronald K. Rice - Faculty | Handley 100th Notable
Ronald K. Rice – Faculty
The year 1966 was a significant one in the history of Winchester Public Schools. Douglas High School graduated its last […]
Melvin Rhodes - Faculty | Handley 100th Notable
Melvin Rhodes – Faculty
On September 30, 2019, Winchester Public Schools dedicated the Melvin Rhodes Center to an advocate for children needing a different […]

Past Events

Alumni Music Series: Celebrating Love
Alumni Music Series: Celebrating Love
John Handley's 189th Birthday | Handley 100th Anniversary
Celebrating John Handley’s 189th Birthday
Book Club “Judge Handley and the Handley Bequests” by Garland R. Quarles
Part 2 “Judge Handley and the Handley Bequests” by Garland R. Quarles

The Trail Blazer

Handley - Trailblazer newspaper - Number 08 - February 21, 1924 - page 1
February 21, 1924
February 8, 1924
January 17, 1924

The Judge

Handley Watches (Jay Carpenter: Handley Class of 2002) in collaboration with Bell’s Fine Clothing (Shendows: Handley Classes of 1956, 1979, and 1982) have designed a commemorative watch to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Handley High School.

$100 of each watch purchased at full-price ($275) will be donated to the Handley 100th Celebration.

Eugene’s B. Smith's 2023 painting of John Handley High School is his third rendering of Winchester’s beloved high school from which his and his wife Sarah’s two children, Kayla and Brennan, both graduated. Previous renditions of Handley featured a landscape perspective from the school’s vast campus as well as an architectural focus of the school’s iconic cupola. This new painting, an architectural rendering of the school’s stately façade, features the beauty of the school’s campus in springtime.


Winchester Education Foundation | Winchester, VA
Opportunity Scholars | Winchester, VA
Winchester Public Schools | Winchester, Va
Judges Athletic Association


United Bank | Winchester, Va
Frederick Block & Stone
Handley Watches
Bell's Men's & Ladies Fine Clothing
Legacy Synthesis | Winchester, Va
Mt Hebron Cemetery | Winchester, Va
First Bank | Winchester, Va
Bonnie's Southeruy Market & Bakery
Navy Federal Credit Union | Handley 100th Anniversary
Alamo Drafthouse | Handley 100th Anniversary

Let's celebrate the event 100 years in the making.

1923 Movement

Show your Handley Pride by donating $19.23.

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Handley Notables

Learn about the unsung heroes and the folklore legends; the trailblazers and the keepers of Handley Pride.

Steering Committee




Harry Smith ('71)

Chair, Steering Committee

Banking Executive

Kim Ball ('78)

Vice-Chair & Chair of Events


Nancy DeArment

Chair, Finance & Fundraising


Jerry Headley ('56)

Chair, Archives & History

Major, US Army (ret.)

Gene Schultz ('71)

Chair, Handley Notables

Andy Vipperman ('95)

Chair, Marketing & Communications

President, LegacySynthesis

Mady Rodriguez

Susan Braithwaite

Principal, Handley High School

Cynthia Burton ('87)

Editor, Winchester Star

Tom Dixon ('71)

Teacher/Coach, Retired

Debbie Foltz


Doug Joyner ('78)

Director of Human Resources, WPS

Maggie McCampbell Lien

Public Information Officer, WPS

Carl Rush ('97)

Chief Equity Officer, LCPS

Reed Prosser ('91)

Director, Student Activities, Handley High School

Dr. Jason Van Heukelum

Superintendent, WPS

Larry Weiss

Executive Director, WEF

Jimmy Wilkins ('63)

Owner Wilkin's Companies

Bonnie Sandy

Assistant to the Superintendent, WPS

Steering Committee

Harry Smith

Chair of Steering Committee

Kim Ball

Vice-Chair & Chair of Events

Nancy DeArment

Chair of Finance & Fundraising

Jerry Headley

Chair of Archives & History

Gene Schultz

Chair of Handley Notables

Andy Vipperman

Chair of Marketing, Communications & Alumni Relations

Mady Rodriguez

Susan Braithwaite

Cynthia Burton

Tom Dixon

Debbie Foltz

Doug Joyner

Maggie McCampbell Lien

Carl Rush

Reed Prosser

Jason Van Heukelum

Larry Weiss (WEF)

Jimmy Wilkins

Bonnie Sandy

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