“John Handley High School” Watercolor Painting by Eugene B. Smith

John Handley High School | Eugene B. Smith | Handley 100th | Winchester, Va
  • Created For The Handley 100th Anniversary Celebration, 2023-24
  • Offering of Limited Edition Signed Giclee Print No. 1
  • Professionally Matted & Framed By The Eugene B. Smith Gallery
  • Only 100 Giclee Prints Were Produced
  • All Others Have Been Sold


  • You may bid more than one time during the bid period. Your highest bid will be considered your final bid (not including escalated bids as described below).
  • In submitting your bid, you agree that if you are the high bid at the end of the bidding period, you will make payment to Winchester Education Foundation within three days of being contacted by Handley 100th. If payment is not received within that time, the next-highest bidder will have the right to purchase the print.
  • Minimum bid is $500. (The cost value is $455 for the print, matting and framing, but because this is Giclee Print No. 1 of a limited edition offering in which all others have been sold, the actual value is indeterminable).
  • To the purchaser, the amount paid over $455 is tax deductible as a contribution to Winchester Education Foundation, a Virginia nonprofit corporation acting as agent for the Handley 100th celebration.

Bid Sheet

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