Freda Bates Roberson '95 | Handley 100th Notable
Freda Bates Roberson ’95

Freda Roberson joined the staff of the Fremont Street Nursery in 1997 working in the kitchen. She worked every position at the school before becoming the Director in 2004.

Freda grew up in the neighborhood near the nursery. Their mother, Maria Bates, raised her and her brother after their father died in a traffic accident while working in Fairfax when she was 10 years old.

Teresa Dunham of the Winchester Star wrote on February 7, 2007 that parents can be superheroes but even superheroes have day jobs. That is when daycare enters the equation.

One of the oldest daycare centers in Winchester, Fremont Street Nursery started as the Negro Daycare Center on Pall Mall Street in 1943. The school moved to Fremont Street in 1955 and was renamed in 1962.

Freda believes that children need love, attention and education. When the same people provide it on a daily basis, it provides stability for the children. Children know when they walk through the door of Fremont Street Nursery they are safe. She knows the nursery is a positive force in the neighborhood and has referred to it as an “Oasis of Hope”.

Freda is very active in the community. A member of the Winchester Kiwanis Board of Directors, she has also served with the boards of the Top of Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Healthy Families of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, the Bank of Clarke County Foundation, the American Fundraising Professionals, the St. Stephens C.M.E Trustee Board, the Winchester Renovation Committee, the VPI Steering Committee, and the Opportunity Scholars Advisory committee.

“I am blessed to have the opportunity to do something that I'm passionate about. Trying to brighten the future of children one at a time is simply priceless!”

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